Introduction to Bellydance class


Introduction to Bellydancing Class

with Anna of The Small World Centre

7-8:30 at Lambeth Academy starts NEXT MONDAY September 14

Sign up before the weekend to take advantage of our low early-bird rates

Bellydance tones all the muscles of the body, builds flexibility, stamina, core strength, natural grace, body control and awareness, & self esteem

Learn arabesques, hip circles, rib circles, body accents, shimmies, figure 8’s, myas, undulations…

Anna has been bellydancing since 1993 and continues to  study with master teachers in Egypt, Turkey and America in order to keep her dancing exciting & contemporary. She began teaching bellydance in 1997 &  has since taught thousands of women in New York, London, Istanbul & Mumbai. She is now one of the most popular Middle Eastern dance professionals in London. Her teaching style is focused on learning proper technique & feeling for the dance but most especially her classes are a a place to have fun, stay fit, learn a new form of self-expressions & meet like minded women

Bellydance class is a time you take for yourself to listen to your body and learn new ways of expression & release, meet new friends & work yourself up to the level of health and fitness you’ve wanted to be in a supportive, all female environment. It doesn’t get much better than this!

New Introduction to Bellydancing Class at Lambeth Academy

  • First Class Monday, September 14
  • Classes every Monday night from 7-8:30pm
  • Course costs £65 for 7 weeks/ 60 with advance payment
  • Location: Lambeth Academy, Elms Rd, Clapham SW4

If you are unsure whether you want to commit to the full 7 week course you are welcome to join the first class as a taster session. At the end of the class you can register for the course (and pay £65) or – if you decide you don’t want to take the course – you pay £9 for that one class.

To register for the course you can pay online at but please note that an extra processing fee is included for online payments. To avoid this extra cost you can send a cheque made out to The Small