WoW Mums Support

WoW Mum Senia and volunteers Allan and Barnaby delivered free food to our elderly friends in Haven Lodge and in John Kirk lodge in Battersea on a very damp and depressing day. This made our friends happy and grateful.

Food Delivery

WoW Mum Senia  delivered free food to elderly in Haven Lodge and in John Kirk lodge in Battersea, with the help of volunteer Barnaby.

10 Years Celebration

WoW Mums are celebrating 10 years since we started our very affordable self-defence classes for children in transition from Primary to Secondary school to help them be more vigilant and defend themselves against bullies on their way to school on their own. We have 30 students, of which 3 are getting the black belt soon.

WoW Gift for Men’s Shed

This is WoW Mums’ Christmas Present for Battersea Men’s Shed. It’s great to help our imminent community. It’s good to hear that all men are well and looking forward to a carpentry workshop with WoW Kids after pandemic is over.