WoW Mums Food Delivery

WoW Mums delevered free food to elderly in John Kirk and in Haven Lodge today. It’s good to see that they are all ok and healthy.

WoW Free Food For Elderly

WoW Mum Senia and volunteers delivered free food to our most vulnerable residents – the elderly in lodges and sheltered accommodations.

Climate Summit

WoW Mums attend Wandsworth Climate Summit and presented our Solar Carparks project to get free charging points for shoppers at supermarkets to give their customers an incentive to buy electric cars and keep our air clean. We also suggested solar panels on vast Clapham Junction station to use clean electricity for station ticket machines and lighting.

WoW Food for Elderly

WoW Mums delivered another free food delivery to elderly in John Kirk and Haven Lodge in Battersea. It’s a relief that they are feeling ok.

WoW Enterprise Club

WoW Enterprise Club attended the Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce business forum zoom meeting today.

WoW Birthday

It’s been 13 years since Senia formed Women of Wandsworth organisation in Battersea. Our AGM has been postponed to December, due to Covid 19.

WoW Supporting Elderly

WoW Mums delivered free food to elderly residents of Haven Lodge and John Kirk in Battersea last week.