WoW Easter Delivery

WoW Mums delivered free food for Easter to elderly in John Kirk lodge and a donation to Haven Lodge for a big 95th birthday party next week. Thank you to our ardent volunteers Andrew and his son Will (10). Lovely card from grateful residents of John Kirk lodge has been received.

WoW Mum Winner

 WoW Mum Sandra Munoz Alvarez, Keepsake Videos CEO, was awarded the London Prestige Awards for the Video Production Company of the year. Congratulations!



Awards for WoW Mums

WoW Mums were awarded Certificates of Appreciation for  15 years helping our community by MP Marsha de Cordova today at our Easter Party.

Karate Easter Party

WoW Karate Easter Party was fun and energetic with lots of toys and chocolate Easter eggs as prizes.

WoW Parent Forum

WoW Parent Forum is on every Monday, term time in True Brew Community Hub from 12. All welcome.

WoW Karate Grading

WoW Karate master Andrew Beech, black belt, 2nd Dan, graded our karate kids on Saturday. New karate term starts on 30th April .