WoW Campaign at the WBC Consultation

WoW Mums asked the Council for Solar Carparks and free student fees for medical students as well as asked for help in implementing CSR by non cooperative conglomerates in our borough to help the local small organisations and charities.

WoW Solar Carparks Campaign

Please write to your local supermarket and ask them to make solar carparks to provide free electricity for charging customers’ electric cars and to give for free excess power produced to local schools, hospitals and fire stations. Solar farms in countryside are using valuable land for food production, whereas carparks are taking so much space covered with concrete. All buildings should have solar panels on rooftops and on glass facades.

New All Weather Pitch

WoW Mums campaign against dog mess in parks where schools use the fields for their sports day has been successful. We got new all weather sports pitch in Banana park, so 2 estates, 2 primary schools and a disability centre can play safely.

Children’s Centres

WoW Mums attended the Children’s Centres consultation with Mr. Paul Martin, Director of Children’s Services in Wandsworth.  We are keen to see new Children’s Centre in the new YorkGardens development in the future.

Mobile Showers for Homeless Campaign

 WoW Mums have suggested to our local MP and Councillors to help the Homeless people with a free mobile shower bus in our borough and London. Lack of hygiene leads to illness.

Braille Campaigne success

WoW Mums attended Mayor’s question time in City Hall today. We are very pleased that Mr. Sadiq Khan has taken WoW suggestion seriously and that all stations will have platform number and relevant travel information in Braille at every platform in Clapham Junction station and other stations. Thank you to our Assembley Member Leonie Cooper for her support.

Whirlpool Turbine

 WoW Mums would like to see these whirlpool turbines on Thames tributaries in London as ecological power generators for local neighbourhoods.