WoW Centenary of Women’s Right to Vote

WoW Mum Senia Dedić has been invited to The Wireless radio Station to take part in a celebration of International Women’s Day and the centenary of women’s right to vote. You can listen to the discussion tonight at 6pm on Voicesc with Nicola Kidner and the film will be aired on 8th March 2018.

Braille Campaign

WoW Mum Senia Dedić has asked the Parliament Minister Marsha de Cordova to raise an issue of blind people needing Braille signs on stairs handles at railway stations, so they would know which platform they are accessing and destinations from there.

Lamp Posts as chargers

  1.  WoW Mums would like to see chargers for electric cars in every lamp post, as Westminster Council is doing, as an incentive for driving electric cars and stop air pollution.

WoW Solar Proposal

WoW Mums have submitted a proposal to Big Local SW11 for solar car parks and electric car charging points to give an insentive to people to buy electric cars.

WoW Mums on BBC News

WoW Mum Senia Dedic raised an awareness of high air pollution in Battersea and suggested electric buses on 17 bus routes through Clapham Junction as one of the solutions. WoW Mums trips out of London for children with respiratory problems was another, as well as incentives for drivers of electric cars.

Falcon Road tunnel

WoW Mums would like this tunnel on Falcon Road cleaned and lit with ads. This is the only acces to Clapham Junction from North Battersea for pedestrians and it is heavily polluted, dirty, wet and dingy. 

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