Housing Issues – Overcrowding

On Thursday, 10th September we will join the London Citizens in Wandsworth Town Hall at 11am to present the Director of Housing with our suggestions and practical ideas to reduce overcrowding in our homes like:

1. “space to race”: equipment to hang bikes up in flats so that they don’t stay in the middle of kitchens, rooms, etc.
2. “desks at home”: fold-out desks to do homeworks on, which can be installed in rooms
3. storage cupboards in order to help families keep their rooms clutter-free
4. grand design projects where citizens all work together to install shelves, desks, tidy up gardens, paint rooms, etc…
5. “hidden rooms” idea where walls could be knocked down to make rooms bigger
6. incentives to help families to move from homes which are to big for them to smaller ones.

Join us if you have any other ideas to help children have more of their own space to work and play in.