WoW at International Women’s Day

1551572_10152808440511275_1954587940556974377_n11046659_10152808440441275_6206397577966736242_n11060962_10152808440586275_5952940942539072738_n11015874_10152808440661275_4157246742885580150_n11046669_10152808440946275_6994853201524323351_n London City Hall Photos and Wallpapers 10WoW Mums have been invited to City Hall on 9th March 2015 to attend the International Women’s Day event ‘Women Who Inspire’. City Hall will be hosting 5 wonderful charities that inspire women to overcome and deal with difficult circumstances. This event will be chaired by Emma Barnett, the Women’s Editor of The Telegraph and guest host of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’.