Krishna Vellasamy


Krishna Vellasamy Have you wondered why we act the way we do? Do you sometimes wake up thinking you want to achieve something and forget all about it by noon? Apart from being a mother, what do you think the essence of YOU is? If one day, all the roles we play, mother, sister, friend, partner, wife, auntie… disappear, what will that make you? Or have you even ever thought about this? Have you wondered what power your words  have on your children? Can you sit in silence for 15 minutes each day devoid of any thoughts? Why not come along and have a chat? Krishna Vellasamy, Cognitive Hypno Therapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner will be available for any questions you might want to ask, for free over a cup of tea. Join us on Monday 2nd February in KLS meeting room at 1-2pm to discover the traps of modern rat race, which we call life. More on: