Christmas Carols

imageWoW Mums were very happy to take part in this lovely community event with such amazing performers from Battersea and from abroad.

WoW Karate

10953143_457963207704447_4689733766493898098_n 11666100_457963187704449_3090142952734407874_n 11017349_457962404371194_5919545256878182525_n 11222953_10153070740291275_8766574494254233474_n 11403036_10153070741211275_6629955136285301417_nWoW Kids have earnt their green Karate belts this term after a vigorous grading exercise by Karate  Master Andrew Beech, black belt, third Dan. Please register for the September term on 07703723236.

Queen’s Birthday Parade

Queen's Birthday Parade

10960074_1605621539705752_1413173401733958751_oQueen's _nQueen's parade 201511174347_1605621566372416_2830435336506781432_o11134120_1605621489705757_2972582424982854893_oQueen's 604_nWoW Mums have been kindly given free tickets for the Queen’s Birthday parade. We are very grateful to Mr. Denis Doble from Rotary Club of Battersea Park for this lovely donation.

WoW Enterprise Club

1380797_10151910943664295_149125897_nFestival of Businesses is a  great gathering for business owners with seminars, interviews, networking and exhibitors. WoW Enterprise members will attend this festival on

Saturday, 17th January from  2pm-6pm in Kensington Forum, London.

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