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Writing Competition Entry Form


Wandsworth, My Life, My World



To help us celebrate the Family Learning Festival we are running an exciting writing competition for all families in Wandsworth.  We would like children, young people and parents/carers to write a short descriptive or fictional piece, on the theme ‘Wandsworth, My Life, My World’.  Your piece could be set in 2008 or at any time in the past or future.  You will need to incorporate one or more Wandsworth landmarks or venues into your writing.  This could be the street you live in, your school or a building that interests you.  Be as creative as possible!


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Please tick which category you are in:




8-12 years-200 words max.




13-16 years-500 words max.




16 years + (mums/dads/carers)-500 words max. 



Please attach your story to this entry form and send it to:


Meghan Bison

Wandsworth Family Learning

The Professional Centre

Franciscan Road

London SW17 8HE


or alternatively email it to [email protected] .       



Deadline for entries:  Monday 1st December 2008


Festive Season


Fireworks Parents’ Group at Christ Church School, Batten Street SW11, are inviting you to the Art Workshop on Saturday 11. October from 10am – 12 in one of the School’s classrooms, to celebrate Guy Faux’s Day, Eid and  Diwali – ‘The Festival of Light’, where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being.

New Parents’ Group

WoW Mums joined the parents in Christ Church School in Battersea,  Batten Street, SW11 and started the new Parents’ Group with the aim to introduce the school to new parents and to bond the community. It also helps the parents to find out and share experiences and new things that are awaiting their children in years ahead. We plan to celebrate multicultural events and organise educational workshops.We meet every Monday morning (term times) from 9-11am in the school’s music room. Everybody is welcome to come and have a relaxing chat and a cup of tea.

Summer picnic

Just before the school started, we had a fun picnic in Fredwell’s Gardens. While Mums were catching up on holiday stories, the children played tennis and other outdoors games in the lovely park. Everybody agreed that because of the bad weather, we couldn’t make most of it this summer.


Fighting Knife and Gun Crime

Cllr Leonie Cooper has kindly agreed to join us on Friday 18.July to advise and inform Battersea mothers about gang rivalry amongst our estates and increasing danger of knife and gun crime in London. If you have any concerns about this come to KLS cafe at 11am.

Community Chef

Join us on Friday, 18th July at 10.30am in KLS kitchen to cook with our Community Chef’s guidance and supervision. The recipe is a summer surprise! We will all have a nice lunch together.