Krishna Vellasamy

Krishna Vellasamy Have you wondered why we act the way we do? Do you sometimes wake up thinking you want to achieve something and forget all about it by noon? Apart from being a mother, what do you think the essence of YOU is? If one day, all the roles we play, mother, sister, friend, partner, wife, auntie… disappear, what will that make you? Or have you even ever thought about this? Have you wondered what power your words  have on your children? Can you sit in silence for 15 minutes each day devoid of any thoughts? Why not come along and have a chat? Krishna Vellasamy, Cognitive Hypno Therapist and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner will be available for any questions you might want to ask, for free over a cup of tea. Join us on Monday 2nd February in KLS meeting room at 1-2pm to discover the traps of modern rat race, which we call life. More on:

Cognitive Therapy

From Monday 12th January Mr. Krishna Vellasamy-Cognitive Therapist,  will join our Parent’s Group in KLS from 1-2pm to discuss the challenges of modern day living in a multicultural city.

Housing Problems


HouseW.O.W Mums are going to join the parents from St.Mary’s school today to watch the DVD they have made about their housing problems, which they are going to present to the Director of Housing Dept. Mr. Roy Evans together with London Citizens. 

Homework clubs


HomeworkWe are meeting Mrs. Emma Marks, the Extended Schools Coordinator for Battersea Cluster on Monday, 1st December 2008. in KLS meeting room  from 1-3pm. Join us if you have any questions. Refreshments provided.

W.O.W Christmas Party

All are  invited to W.O.W Christmas party on Tuesday, 16th December 2008. in KLS Art Room from 4-6pm.  There will be ginger-bread- men decorating, Christmas cards making and Carole singing to lure  Father Christmas into our Grotto.


Finance Workshop

On Friday 21st November W.O.W Mums will discuss our financial problems with Mr. Stephen Cumberbatch from Wandsworth Citizens Advice Bureaux. Join us in KLS meeting room if you have questions on money management.


W.O.W Mums AGM


W.O.W Mums would like to cordially invite you to our very first AGM on Monday, 17th November from 1-3pm in KLS meeting room, 108 Battersea High Street. We will be joined by Cllr Mrs Kathy Tracey, Wandsworth Council’s Cabinet member for Children and Young people as well as by Cllr Mrs Leonie Cooper,  Mrs Sarah Rackham Battersea Community Networker and Mr Sebastien Chapleau from London Citizens. It would be our pleasure to see you there.

W.O.W Mums on Facebook

Wowmums on facebookIf you would like to socialise with us virtually, join our Facebook page on You can see the latest photos and  videos of our recent workshops made by Sandra Munoz, who studies film and drama and would like to specialize in film editing. It’s fun!

W.O.W Mums are on Facebook

If you would like to socialise with us virtually , visit our interactive page on and search for wowmums.  You can see our latest videos from recent workshops, made by Sandra Munoz who studies film and drama and would like to specialize in film editing.