Big Local SW11

WoW Mums are taking part in organising the Big Local SW11 Pathfinders event in York Gardens Library on 18th July. WoW Mums will present our ideas on how we would spend the £1million in Battersea to improve it. Our aim is to improve the education levels and have suggested to provide our children with free GCSE tutoring and also free SATs tutoring to improve our children’s grades and possibilities for further education. We would like to see free University education in England and opportunity for all young people to study.

In addition to this, WoW Mums would invest in Enterprise Clubs and help single parents start their own enterprises to bypass the problems with expensive childcare and full time employment.

We would also like to see the Organic Houses built, where people would live in one house all of their life and just have the partition walls moved to adjust to the number of people living in the house and their needs. The properties would have to be sold by square meter as a value of habitable space, not by number of bedrooms, which are shrinking.