Bracknell Forest

W.O.W Mums are taking children mountain biking in Bracknell Forest in Berkshire on Thursday, 9th April to spend a day in unspoilt environment and learn about nature. You can hire bicycles designed for off-road cycling, including jumps and traversing of rocks and washouts and steep declines, either on dirt trails, logging roads, or other    unpaved  tracks.


Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother's DayWe are having an indulgent French breakfast in French Patisserie Macaron in Clapham Common on Friday 20th March at 10am. Everyone is welcome to enjoy fresh croissants, made that morning, with cafe au lait and freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg HuntHave fun looking for eggs in Christ Church School’s garden  or if you like a challenge, join the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt and try to solve cryptic clues which will lead you to the Treasure Chest full of chocolate eggs! You can also win the ultimate prize in our Egg in a Spoon Race. Don’t miss it! See you on Saturday 28th March from 10am-12noon in Christ Church School – Este Road entrance.

Criminal Justice Workshop

We had a very interesting workshop today with Mary and Markus the Senior Probation Officers from National Probation Service, who discussed with us the community sentencing, community order, punishment, overcrowding of prisons  and rehabilitation of offenders in London.    

National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

The women portrayed here all traveled independently around the world, at a time when such an activity was regarded with suspicion by the general public. They exhibited great resolve by traveling alone in the face of society’s expectations and prejudices and, in some cases, of their own financial constraints.

In an attempt to minimise such public disapproval, women explorers often went out of their way to demonstrate their conservatism in all other aspects of their lives, whether through their clothes, their behavior or their political views. Although quite at ease riding alone through a Middle Eastern desert, these women might refuse to walk unchaperoned along Piccadilly. While living lives of the utmost independence abroad, some campaigned for or supported the Anti-Suffrage League, which actively opposed women having the right to vote.

Women traveled for many reasons. Some went because they were of independent means and without domestic ties; in other words, because they could. Some traveled for their health. Others were storytellers, weaving tales about the people they encountered. Between them, these extraordinary women included scholars, archaeologists, authors, botanists and painters.