Community Garden

W.O.W Mums have met with Mrs. Geraldine Kelly, of Wandsworth  Allotment’s services, to explore the possibility of having a community garden  in Fred Well’s Park for our families as well as for pensioners and local residents to try gardening and have educational lessons in growing plants from seeds and bulbs.

Isle of Wight

We are going to Art Colony in Seaview on Isle of Wight on Friday 12th June and staying until  Sunday 14th June, as part of our team bonding strategy and also to paint and relax.

World Record Picnic

Don’t forget our big picnic in Regent’s Park on Monday 25th May at 1pm, in support of National Family Week’s attempt to set a World Record in the biggest picnic! W.O.W Mums will have their picnic rugs in the south-east part of Inner Circle in the park. Find us and share your strawberries!

Tai Chi

We are starting Tai Chi lessons on Friday 8th May in KLS chapel from 10-11am. This is an ancient martial arts technique, practiced in China for health reasons as well as for boosting physical, mental and social well-being. 

Race for Life

W.O.W Mums are taking part and supporting the Race for Life campaign to raise money for cancer research in UK. Join us on Wednesday, 6th May at 7pm in Battersea Park if you would like to do something amazing.